Custom Home Plan Design

If you have searched for the PERFECT home plans and simply can not find what you need, a custom plan is a valad, affordable option.  While Architects tend to charge 6% to well over 10% of your overall project budget (meaning, if you plan to build a $250,000 house, your plans may cost $25,000), you will find our pricing MUCH easier to swallow.  

We don’t charge based on your overall budget. BUT when we back it out at the end of each project, the cost is generally between 1% – 2% of the projected total cost estimate.  

We simply charge by the square footage under roof.  We also keep track of our man-hours and if your job is easier than the typical home, we may discount you down to the hours spent rather than the flat rate of cost per square foot.  

We also provide several rounds of Preliminary Designs in the process so that you have an opportunity to make major or minor adjustments as we go.  

We’ve been designing homes since 1964 and have won many awards for our designs.  We truly care about you, the things you do, the reasons why you may not be able to find a stock plan that works for your family.  We get it.  We’ve been in your shoes.  If your family needs that special room for “fill in the blank”  (Golf Equipment, Football gear, musical instruments, home school space, etc.) let us know what that need is and we’ll find space for it. 

We also design with cost in mind.  We try to save you money as we design so that you can get MORE house for your money.  We tell you where to spend money and where to try to avoid spending money so that your home (the building) is all that’s in your Mortgage for 30 years worth of payments.  Other decor items, which tend to change over time, things that over time lose favor, we try to help you keep those out of your mortgage by adding them later. (Pop Culture changes very quickly and your best money spent is not spent on “doo-dads” that will go out of fashion very quickly.)

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