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Are you a professional Home Builder?

Would you like to become a Ralph Jones Home Plans “Pro-Builder”?

Do you like DISCOUNTS? 

All licensed builders receive discounts on repeat purchases of the same plan (25% on 2nd and subsequent uses), but wouldn’t you like to get 50% off?


All builders receive a 25% discount on the 2nd and subsequent uses of any particular plan, however, Pro-Builders will receive a 50% discount on REPEAT PURCHASES (the SECOND USE and all subsequent uses) of any given plan.

Pro-Builders also receive $10 per set discount on Blueprints

Pro-Builders also receive FREE plot plans

Pro-Builders receive $25 off PDF BID SETS

BONUS:  Pro-Builders who Purchase the same plan 10 or more times in one calendar year and receive their 11th license-use-fee FREE! (changes, PDF plans and blueprints extra, but Pro-Builder discounts still apply)

 Pro-Builders Exclusivity: RJHP will not purposefully sell the same plan/version you are using in a Subdivision/Phase to another builder building in the SAME Subdivision/Phase if you, the first builder plan to build the home multiple times within that subdivision.  We use our best effort to not sell the same plan in the same subdivision to competing builders. The FIRST builder to order a plan to be placed in a subdivision will be the Exclusive User of that plan in that phase of the subdivision. If the first builder does not repeat the house in the subdivision after 9 months, the exclusivity is no longer in effect and we reserve the right to sell the plan to any builder.

SHARE THE PROFITS: Once you have earned your 50% discount on repeat uses, we allow you to charge your clients the same price for their plans that a First Time Use Fee would normally cost, so that you can keep your numbers the same from lot to lot.  However, since you are paying only 50% of the use fee for all your repeated uses, we allow you to keep the 50% in your own pocket (by having a line item for plans that your client pays – the 100% use first time use fee) or you can use the 50% discount as some sort of “Builder Incentive” to help persuade a customer to buy your house over some other builder’s house (or to buy a house you’ve built before over some random new plan which will cost you more to build in the long run). Some builders throw in a free dishwasher, or refrigerator, we allow you to use the 50% savings however you wish, throw in 50% of the use fee for the plans as a “buyer’s incentive”.  Depending on the size of the house, the discount could equal several hundred dollars!


FIRST TIME USE:  The First time anyone buys a plan they pay full price for the First Time license-use fee (definitions). However, builders who wish to build the same house multiple times will receive added discounts as they buy more plans and uses of the same plan.  (Plans are sold for a ONE-TIME use only.)

  • Pro-Builders receive a $10 per/hour discount off regular hourly change fees
  • First Time Use purchases include 3 FREE sets of blueprints printed with a LOT SPECIFIC watermark on the blueprints
  • Pro-Builders receive a $25 discount on PDF BID SETS (these are not lot/address specific) to be used for bids (labor & materials quotes or contractual uses only) when ordered at with your plan purchase.
  • Extra Blueprint sets available for purchase and vary depending on paper size with a $10 per set discount for Pro-Builders
  • Plotting services available for low or no cost (First hour of plotting services FREE, hourly rate after first hour). Builder must provide a clear copy of the recorded plat (PDF or CAD preferred). Plot Plan must be ordered at the time of plan purchase. **
  • If you are confused about “First Time Uses” and other terms, please refer to our page of “Definitions

REPEAT DISCOUNTS:  The 2nd and subsequent time(s) you order the SAME plan to be built on a new lot, you receive a 25% discount off of the license-use fee* Once you reach your Pro-Builder minimum of $2,500 in the first year, your discount changes to 50%.

  • Change Orders are discounted $10 per/hour off regular price for Pro-Builders
  • Repeat uses include 1 FREE set of blueprints printed with a LOT SPECIFIC watermark on the blueprints
  • Extra Blueprint sets available for purchase and vary depending on paper size with a $10 per set discount for Pro-Builders
  • $25 discount on PDF BID SETS for Pro-Builders when ordered with plan purchase
  • Plotting services available for low or no cost (First hour of plotting services FREE, hourly rate after first hour). Builder must provide a clear copy of the recorded plat (PDF or CAD preferred). Plot Plan must be ordered at the time of plan purchase. **
  • NOTE: Plot plans created for customers not in the West TN or North MS area may not be acceptable to your code/permit office, however, if it was FREE it was worth a try!  If your code office requires an engineer from your local area to create the plot plan, we totally understand. If your local code office requires plot plans that are unfamiliar or unusually different from those required by our local code office, there may be an extra charge, or we may not be able to create these for you depending on the information required.  Again, we will provide 1 hour’s worth of plotting services for free, so if the plot plan we create for you works with your code office, you’ve probably saved some money on your end.
  • BUY 10 – GET ONE FREE! The “11th plan free” condition is for a REPEATED plan that you routinely build a minimum of 10 times per year, not a new first-time use fee.  It is for the 11th use of the same plan, the License Use Fee is 100% discounted. Blueprints, PDF BID SETS, shipping/handling, sales tax etc., are extra.
  • BUY ANY COMBO OF 10 plans, GET ONE FREE! (Equal or lesser value). At the sandwich shop, they have a punch card, buy 10 sandwiches and get the next one free (for equal or lesser value)… you know the rules.  With RJHP, if you are a builder who uses several plans per year, but doesn’t build 10 of any one house, we will allow you to combine your purchases with no minimum number of purchases for one single plan, but when you buy any combination of 10 plans, first-time uses or repeat uses, in any calendar year you will receive a discount on your 11th purchase equal to the lowest price plan you bought (repeat fee) that is included in your combo of 10 plans. You may apply this discount to any of your regular plans or even towards a new stock plan, but not towards any changes or other services. Blueprints, PDF BID SETS, shipping/handling, sales tax etc., are extra.


  • You must purchase a minimum of $2,500 to receive the 50% discount on the license fee. Your repeat discount is 25% until that time.
  • To receive the 50% discount from year to year, you must purchase the repeated plan at least once per year.
  • To keep your Pro-Builder status, you must purchase a minimum of 5 plans per year (first time uses or repeats, any combination)
  • As long as you buy 5 plans per year (any combination of plans) you maintain your Pro-Builder status and receive your 50% discount on all repeated plans and other discounts. If you do not use a plan for more than 3 years in a row, you may no longer have the right to the 50% discount on that particular plan depending on how many other plans you purchase on a regular basis. Ideally 5 plans per year should keep you in good standing with your Pro-Builder Status.

* The 25% and 50% Discounts apply only to license fees.  Changes, Blueprints and PDF sets are not discounted at the 25% or 50% rate. The discount changes from 25% off to 50% off once you reach the $2500 purchases in one year.

** Shelby County, TN & Desoto County, MS plats can be accessed by RJHP for free online, but we must have the entire/correct Subdivision Name and Phase/Section number/letter to access the correct subdivision.  All other plot plan requests must provide RJHP with a clear copy of the entire subdivision plat for a free plot plan.  Illegible copies and partial copies are not sufficient to create a proper plot plan.


  1. Scan and email a copy of your builder’s license (legible photos acceptable)
  2. Scan or email a photo of your state issued ID (legible photos acceptable)
  3. Complete the Pro-Builder Info Sheet HERE
  4. Purchase$2,500 worth of plans and/or services over the course of one year to qualify for future discounts.
  5. Once you’ve hit your $2,500 purchase point, all you have to do from year to year to keep your Pro-Builder status with RJHP, and to keep receiving your discounts is to purchase a minimum of 5 plans per year (new or repeat-uses, any combination of plans). These can be stock plans – first time uses, repeat uses or even custom home plan purchases you make yourself or personally refer to us, if it is purchased in YOUR name, you get the credit for it even if your custom home client pays for the plans.


At Ralph Jones Home Plans, we serve many builders.  Some are “Spec” builders and buy lots of repeat uses to build the same house over and over again.  Over the years, they have had us develop several different elevations so that the houses don’t look like cookie cutters all over the same subdivision.  However, in more recent years, many builders have moved over to the CUSTOM HOME realm.  They are pre-selling houses yet to be constructed.  The funny thing about most custom home buyers is they want changes made to the blueprints prior to construction.

Some builders who easily build 10 – 20 houses each year often aren’t able to take advantage of repeat discounts because many of the houses they build are just that, custom.  They aren’t repeats of anything the builder has built before.

At Ralph Jones Home Plans, we want to help the small volume custom home builders if we can.  We offer builders discounts if they buy so many plans per year, but if you build a different house every time you build, how are you to get the volume discount.  Here’s how!

As a builder, if you fall into this category, we will make this offer:  If you have reached the status of Pro-Builder because you have spent $2,500 with our company in any given year, we will give you the discounts other Pro-Builders get with regards to discounts on Plans and PDF BID SETS and Plotting services.  However, when it comes to the “buy 10 get one free” discount, that gets a little harder to calculate.  Many builders recommend that their clients come see us for their plans, but the clients don’t always tell us, “Builder Bob told them to come see you for some plans.”  So, for our Pro-Builders who build lots of custom homes, but not lots of spec plans, we will do this for you:  If you refer clients to us, all you need to do is this:

  1. CALL or EMAIL us to tell us that you’d like to have your client, “Mr & Mrs Smith”, come in to discuss a custom home plan (you are welcome to come to the initial consultation, or all consultations if you wish); or
  2. Stress to Mr & Mrs Smith to tell RJHP that YOU (Builder Bob) have recommended our services. IF they tell us YOU sent them, we will credit their sale to YOU in more ways than one.
    1. We will put the plan in YOUR name even if the Smith’s are paying for the plans, your name will show up on the invoice.
    2. YOU will have the right to REUSE this plan at the REPEAT fee later on in the event another client likes the plan you are building for Mr & Mrs Smith
    3. Mr & Mrs Smith are more apt to use our services because YOU recommended our services, so WE benefit from your referral. Thank you!
    4. In turn, Mr & Mrs Smith are more apt to follow through to use you to build their home BECAUSE we worked directly with them and you to create the home of their dreams that they can afford to have you build, because you were involved throughout the design process. (We will also give them your Pro-Builder discounts with regards to Blueprints and PDF BID SETS strictly because you, the Pro-Builder referred them to us.)
    5. You can be as involved or uninvolved as you wish to be with regards to the design process. Regardless, because you referred them to us, we will credit this “sale” to you to help you meet your annual “quota” to keep your Pro-Builder status with RJHP.


  • LICENSE/USE FEE: This is the fee you pay for the RIGHT to build a copyrighted design purchased from Ralph Jones Home Plans, LLC (RJHP)
  • FIRST TIME LICENSE/USE FEE: This is the license fee you pay the first time you purchase a design to build.
  • REPEAT LICENSE/USE FEE: Once you have bought a First Time License to build a particular plan, Pro-Builders receive a discount each time they order the same plan to be built on a new lot often referred to as a “Repeat Use” or a “Re-Use”.  This applies to the License/Use Fee. The Repeat License/Use Fee is discounted on the 2nd and subsequent builds of the same house regardless of how much business you have done with our company, however, once you hit your Pro-Builder minimum of $2500, the discount goes to 50% and remains at 50% unless you fail to order 5 plans in the previous year.
  • BLUEPRINTS: These are paper documents RJHP prints for you to use to pull your permits and build the house.
  • LOT SPECIFIC: When you order plans, they will have a watermark with the Lot Number & Subdivision name.  If you are building on acreage (no lot/sub’d name), we require a physical Address. These blueprints are only to be used to build one house on the lot/address specified on the blueprints, so be sure of your lot number PRIOR to ordering your plans.
  • PDF ELECTRONIC BID SETS: This is a PDF document RJHP creates and emails to you for your use in obtaining bids to construct the home. You may email the PDF to subcontractors and suppliers for bids on materials and labor.  You may also print it to attach to your contract for construction.  These are not to be used in the actual construction as they are not printable to scale and when printed are often extremely difficult to read.  They are, however, very clear when viewed on a computer or even a tablet or cell phone as you can zoom in to any given note to read the full description or dimension. This PDF set may be used for the First or Subsequent Builds (it is not “lot/address specific” like your blueprints) as long as you don’t make any changes to the plan. If you make changes to the plan for whatever reason, this PDF BID SET must be recreated.  There is a fee each time the PDF set is created.  The PDF BID SET is sent to the builder or their specified agent only.  It is the builder’s responsibility to send the PDF BID SET to their sub contractors and/or materials suppliers.
  • PDF BID SETS contain a watermark which states that they are “NOT TO BE USED FOR CONSTRUCTION”, they are for bids only. It is impossible to recall electronic sets once they are released if there is a mistake or change made after their creation, therefore only BLUEPRINTS (hard copies printed to scale) are to be used for actual construction at the job site.
    • NOTE: There is a nominal replacement fee for builders who lose their PDF BID SET. Because of this, we request the following:  Once you receive your PDF:
      • Check to make sure the PDF will open on your computer.
      • SAVE the PDF to your computer
      • Create a backup copy on a Thumb Drive or CD/DVD so you will have it archived for later use.
      • It is recommended that you NOT change the NAME of the PDF so that if you can’t remember what it was called and can’t find it on your computer, we can probably help, we are only a phone call away.
      • We ask that you REPLY to the RJHP email stating that you were able to OPEN, READ and SAVE the document to your computer. (You may need to download a current copy of the Adobe PDF reader, which is a free computer software available at Adobe.com.)
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