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A Short History of Ralph Jones Home Plans

In 1959, after graduating from LeTourneau Technical Institute of Texas with a degree in building and construction management, Ralph Jones moved back to Memphis with his wife and infant son to work for Wallace E. Johnson as foreman for their subdivision home construction projects.  After several years there, he realized that he had a better design eye for the homes they were building; he knew he could create new and better plans for the market.   He saw a more appealing home design for the current buyers, which could be built on the same budget but appeal to a broader, more modern and savvy home buyer.

Consequently, he began designing new plans for Wallace E. Johnson which, sooner than later drew the eye of other builders as well.  Before long, he decided that he loved the design work more than the construction foreman work, so in 1964 he and his wife decided to open a new design company called the Ralph Jones Drafting Company.  Together, they figured if they could earn just $50 per week selling plans and doing other drafting services for builders, their company would not only survive and grow but their expanding family would be well fed.

The new business flourished.  It grew from one drafter, Jones himself, and a part-time secretary/bookkeeper and wife in those early days to many designers and drafters, secretaries, bookkeepers and artists over the years.  What began by selling stock and custom plans in the tri-state area of Tennessee, Mississippi and Arkansas soon blossomed into a nation-wide plan company (with occasional international sales) through distribution houses such as Professional Builder and Country Living Magazines and the more modern web distributers such as Design America.

In 1993, the Memphis Commercial Appeal called Jones a “Man of 10,000 plans.”  He had designed so many homes over the years as well as altered many others to suit the needs of the individual, it was estimated at that time that he had at least 10,000 different plans.

The company name has evolved over the years, from the early days of the Drafting Company to the later Ralph Jones & Associates, LLC.  Then in 2003, with the addition of two of his six kids in the business, the name changed yet again to the current Ralph Jones Home Plans, LLC.  Since his retirement in 2007, his daughter, Janne Zaccagnino has taken over the day-to-day operations.

Though the names and the faces have changed and the years have come and gone, the overall goal has remained the same throughout the years: design quality, award-winning homes, no matter who your client is, design what the client wants at an affordable price.

Our goal today is the same as the original goal, design quality homes specific to the needs of the individual client.  From Tiny Homes to Giant Mansions and everything in between, home designs are our business, it’s what we do, it’s what we love, it’s what we dream.  Let us help you get YOUR dreams on paper so you can build it and … live happily ever after!

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