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As we progress through our lives, we find our housing needs often change. Many of us aspire to own a nice home in a nice neighborhood, the American Dream. For some, that becomes a reality. For others, their dreams may not be the quintessential two-story home with a white picket fence. Many, especially these days, are looking for alternate living arrangements. Some create a space in a Basement. Others build a garage with an apartment.

Tiny Houses on Wheels (THOWs) or on foundations have become quite a following. Others dream of living in a van down by the river (as SNL might say). Regardless of whether or not this was once a joke, today it has become a reality.

If you find yourself needing an unusual home, out of the ordinary from what has for decades been referred to as the American Dream Home, we can help create YOUR dream! We, too, love tiny homes and spend hours designing stealth RVs. If you find you want something, but need help with plans, chat with a designer today!

Co-Authors of DREAMS Co-Writers for a NEW BEGINNING We orchestrate your DREAM so you can live your HAPPILY EVER AFTER!


Look through our collection to see if there is a FLOOR PLAN that comes close to your dream home.  If you find it, you can buy it.  This is the least expensive route in buying plans.  If you are a BUILDER, ask for our repeat use discounts.

If you find a plan that is CLOSE, but some things just aren’t right.  We can change any of our plans!  If you can tell us what you need, we can add it to the plan to make it your perfect living abode.  This is the next step up in pricing, but still less expensive than a flat-out custom plan. 

Custom Plans through RJHP are not as bad as you might think.  Most Architectural firms charge between 6% – 10% of the “projected project price” for custom plans.  We don’t price things out that way, but when we compare numbers, our prices come out to be more like 1%-2% of the projected project price.  It’s not as expensive as you may think.  


Call now for an appointment! We put YOUR dreams on paper so YOU can live your Happily Ever After!